Senior Exam Information

  • Dates: June 7 – June 10 (See schedule below)

  • Location: Exams will be administered in the cafeteria each day.

  • Proctors: Senior teachers and school counselors will assist with exam proctoring

Senior & AP Exam Exemption

All students shall take final exams. Seniors eligible for graduation in June AND Underclassmen enrolled in an AP course may request an exam exemption if they meet the following criteria:

    1. The student must have a cumulative course average of at least 80 when grades and other specified criteria are compiled to determine exam exemption near the close of the fourth nine weeks.

    2. The student must maintain a minimum fourth nine-week average of 80 in the course to be exempted.

    3. The student must have been absent from the class more than ten times during the school year (semester class - not more than five times). Religious holidays and school-related absences (field trips, SODA, athletics, documented college visits, etc.) do not count within those absences.

    4. Tardies:

        • Three unexcused tardies to class equals one absence as related to the exam exemption criteria.

        • Six unexcused tardies to school immediately removes the student from the eligibility.

        • Six unexcused tardies to an individual class eliminates the student from exam exemption eligibility in that class.

    5. The student must attend at least 75% of a class in order to be counted present in that class as related to exam exemption eligibility.

    6. Any integrity violation which results in disciplinary action removes the student from eligibility.